Phoenix - Prescott - Phoenix

We offer over night trips and excursions to see more of the beautiful country in Arizona! This is a full 2 day journey. One day trip to Prescott, AZ, and one day back to Phoenix, AZ spending the night in beautiful Prescott. We will bring you from the desert to the pine forest of beautiful and cool Prescott. Spend a night on the famous Whiskey Row in the historic downtown of Prescott. Along the way you will also pass through the historic mountain town of Crown King, an original mining village with an active saloon from the 1920's. You will travel the same routes once created in the late 1800's and used in the early 1900's for mining and forest maintenance use. BUT unlike then you'll be on the newest most comfortable and able offroad 4x4 machines, not the stage coaches once bouncing those trails! The picture on the top right is of ``Palace Station`` and original stage coach stop. You'll travel the original roads connecting these little towns far from the hustle and noise of the freeways and big cities.

Phoenix - Crown King - Phoenix

From Phoenix to Crown King is a couple hour journey, it can be done in as short as 2 hours but expanded to much more with side trips to mines, waterfalls, historic saloons and more adventurous trails along the way. This neat little town nestled in the heart of the Bradshaw mountains will surely bring you much needed stress relief, or just bring you to the picture perfect saloon in the middle of the woods/mountains feel you have been longing for. The active Saloon has smoked meats and a full bar, rooms above kept as original as possible. There are also cabins in the surrounding areas for more privacy and larger groups. For those seeking a more laid back approach, camping in the forest is also readily available and a wonderful experience up here in the Bradshaw mountains!